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Adventure Bound Expeditions, Inc., an adventure tour company located in Boulder, Colorado, USA was founded in 1989 by David Johnson, an avid world traveler, competitive swimmer and outdoor sports enthusiast. Adventure Bound Expeditions was specifically created to provide gay men outdoor adventure travel opportunities to destinations around the world. Since that date we have been custom designing and conducting one adventure tour per year to exciting destinations that alternate between Europe, Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific. 

Our small group size, generally less than 12, allows for maximum interaction with the natural and cultural world as well as fellow travelers, and creates a more personal and intimate travel experience. Our tours also create the opportunity to bond with a small group of like-minded adventuresome men, share the joy of discovery and the camaraderie which develops during the tour. Men on tours often form life-long friendships with fellow travelers. Physically fit men of all ages are welcome on our adventure tours.

All our tours have an American Tour Director (David Johnson) with over 20 years of adventure travel experience, and highly qualified English-speaking natural history and cultural guides in the countries we visit, who enthusiastically share their knowledge and experience. Our international guides typically have entertaining personalities and take great pleasure in making our trip exciting, fun, and enjoyable.

Our tours are designed to create a relaxed and stress-free travel experience. Our transfer agent will meet you at the airport and escort you to our comfortable hotel. From that point you can relax and enjoy the tour as we have coordinated the logistics of all land and air travel. We lodge in upscale hotels, safari camps, or inns, each carefully selected for ambience, quality of service and location to interesting natural areas and tourist attractions. During mountain treks we often camp or lodge in refuges high in the mountains and mingle with other international travelers. Most meals are included and we always enjoy sampling the local cuisine.

The difficulty of our tours ranges from easy to strenuous. Easy tours such as lodge-based safari involve little hiking. Moderate tours such as hikes in the Tuscan wine country of Italy include half to full-day hikes of 4-6 hours on rolling countryside landscapes at generally low elevations. Moderate to strenuous tours such as the hike around Mount Blanc in Europe include full day hikes of 4-6 hours and elevation gains and losses of 2,000-3,000 feet at altitudes below 10,000. Strenuous tours such as the Inca Trail in Peru are those with full day hikes in mountainous terrain above 10,0000 feet.

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