Read testimonials from just a few of our happy travelers!

“Although I have known David for decades, I had never gone on one of his international hiking trips. When I heard he was headed to the Taj Mahal and then on to hike the Himalayas in Bhutan and tour the country, I decided that it was well time to sign up. And I am so glad I did. David’s trips are so well organized and planned that the group never had to be concerned about anything – tour guides, hotel accommodations, transportation, special dinners and other trip details were always well planned … and the costs were unbelievably reasonable, given the quality of the tours! All we had to do was show up at the designated time and enjoy the day. The hikes varied from country to country, from easy to difficult. And, at the end of the trip none of us could imagine having a more enjoyable time. I highly recommend signing up for an Adventure Bound trip – you will not be sorry!”
- Tim D., Denver, Colorado

“I will never forget my first trip with Adventure Bound, hiking the Sangay National Forest in Ecuador, followed by hiking and snorkeling in the Galapagos. I was surprised as transportation always awaited us. One of my favorite adventures was departing Quito for Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela. Early dark-morning, outside our hotel in Quito, a shuttle waits to take us to the airport. After flying via Guayaguil to Isla Baltra airport (two hours), the group descends to the tarmac. We are signaled over to a small commuter plane, load our gear, and take off. The pilot gives us a grand tour as we fly over several Galapagos Islands before landing at Isla Isabela where transportation is waiting to take us to the beautiful Red Mangrove Lodge. I still smile at the thought.”
- Jim B., Long Beach, California

“I have now been on two hiking tours organized and led by Adventure Bound (one in the Dolomites of Northern Italy and one in the Cotswolds of England) and can say that I have been completely satisfied with my experiences and have signed up for two more. I can enthusiastically recommend these tours for their small size, congeniality, flexibility and professionalism. Great adventures!”
- Keith C., Palm Springs, California

“I always have enjoyed David Johnson’s Adventure Bound trips. Trips to Scotland, Costa Rica, Greece, and Brazil have been well planned and lots of fun for the participants. It gives an opportunity for gay men to go on a hiking trip with other gay men and all for a reasonable price! You can meet new friends that can last a lifetime! I highly recommend Adventure Bound trips!”
- Bob T., Arlington, Virginia